Client Love

I’ve worked with over 100 people in the past within my clinical practices and online support. It alwasy warms my heart when people find value in what they have acheieved for themselves. I ONLY work with women who put on their big girl panties and are ready to choose happiness! Here are some of the awesome women I have helped alon the way.

Thank you for encouraging me to start my blog and offering your wealth of knowledge on websites to help me create and host my blog. While my blog is still a working progress, you gave me all the knowledge. I needed to get it up and running. Thank you Cia.


Fitness Blogger, Simply Bonita

Cia is awesome! Her style and method of coaching is very unique and effective. Now I’m on the path of making my dream business a reality.


Fitness Blogger, KayBerryFit

I love the interactive component to this program. It not only teaches you how to positively change your mindset but it gets you to practice making these changes for now and the future to come. It’s not something to read and then put off into the future but even before finishing the program it gets you to start applying the knowledge. It’s really good content!

Danae B.

Freelance Film Maker and vlogger, Creations by Designs

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